promises aswani

The Promises

The Promises has a unique concept, which is presented in a complete Exclusive Wedding Box which consists of a wedding book with photo frame, engraved wedding certificate, and a customized inscription – a stainless steel plaque, which is engraved with your favourite poem, prayer or image, This box Only one in Indonesia that use Stainless Steel Plaque and engraved with laser. With Gold 18k we made many model of Wedding band. One of them is Inspired by Indonesian Heritage, we made Batik Wedding Ring, with 3 different design of Batik : Aswani “Semangat”, Kiandra “Keajaiban” & Kirani “Bercahaya”. Aswani, Kiandra & Kirani is The 1st Batik Wedding Ring In Indonesia, and we proud be the pioneer of Batik Wedding Ring in Indonesia.

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